It was just 7:30 a.m. in Lagos, Nigeria's commercial city, but the temperature has reached 25oC.

On Wednesday, the temperature rose to over 35oC and this draws attention to the time we are in. 

It is heat period, not the type that makes mammals want sex, but the type that could give anyone who fails to take precaution stroke and other ailments attached. 

You have a role to play to stay strong and healthy through this heat that is signalling the setting in of Harmattan.

It is okay to know that with this season comes different diseases, especially for those living in Lagos with many roads under construction, poor waste management and smoke from vehicles everywhere. Flu is just around the corner. 

The heat takes a toll on your system and weighs your immune system down if you have not fortified yourself months or weeks before this time.

Your protection is not going to come from an external force, but from you depending on the choices that you will make at this time. 

Let us begin with leaving the house. 

1. Avoid Cream That Could Trigger Sweat

Some body creams are very efficient in making you sweat and such cream should be avoided now. This could cause different skin issues, some of them rash and sunburn.   

2. Wear Cotton

Cotton materials are great for this season, as they have the power to keep your body dry and they also make sure that air gets to your skin. 

We know people do not like to read much, but this is a time for you to read cloth labels before you wear them or even before you buy any cloth you have to wear now. 

Go for 100% cotton cloths that will keep your body cool. 

3. Wear Less Of Black Cloths

Black materials absorb heat and this will make you sweat and feel hot more than the other individual that is wearing a bright colour. As much as wearing white colours is not also advisable at this time except you will stay in an air-condition-tight vehicle, you should combine good bright colours to make sure you enjoy your day. 

4. Wear Cloths With Tiny Holes

Cloths that are great for the time are those with tiny holes that will allow air get to your skin. This does not mean that you should wear the type that will show nipples or body parts that could provoke the opposite sex. Just be modest. 

5. Wear Sun-Glasses

Take a good look at people you see on the streets when the sun is high, you will find that they squint and have wrinkles on their faces just because they are trying to manage the effect of the sun.

Wearing a pair of sun-glasses will help you manage the effect of the sun on your eyes and ensure you do not look like someone that is frowning all day. 

6. Wear A Face Cap

A face cap does not only protect your eyes from the sun rays, it also help provide shade for your hair (especially for ladies) that brakes because of heat and dryness from Harmattan. 

Our hair texture in Nigeria does not withstand so much heat and not covering it this time will mean you are ready to lose some of them to the season. 

7. Make Water Your Friend To Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is one thing that you must ensure at this time. The body is doing so much work because of the heat and that results in fast dehydration for everyone who walks in the sun.

Taking a bottle of water everywhere you go will help you stay hydrate, but you must have to drink the water though. 

It is not a good time to grab a bottle of cold sweetened drink just because you feel thirsty, that will further give your body more work to do, digesting processed sugar. Water is better and you do not need to feel thirsty before you drink. 

There are different ways you can spice-up your water to make it as alluring as possible. You can add fruits in it to give it a flavour. You can sweeten it with pineapple, or watermelon or even honey. This will help ensure that the desire for drinks sweetened with processed sugar is controlled. 

8. Avoid Crowded Places 

Staying in crowded places now could trigger heat stroke or other poor-ventilation related issues and doctors recommend that you stay in an airy environment to ensure that you get enough air.

9. Make Sure Your Bed-sheet Is Cotton 

When you return home at night from work or your day's business, the best thing that you can do for yourself is to take your birth and then ensure that the bed-sheet you will lay is cotton too. This will ensure that heat on the bed is controlled and that you stay dry all through the night. 

10. Check Bounce Weather Forecast Before You Leave Home

Being sure of what to wear for the day, could be a function of your awareness of what the day's weather would be like and checking out for Bounce Weather Report for each day will be a great way to find out. 

You can either get the update on what the day's weather will be like on Bounce News Website or on its social networks. Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

The heat is increasing by the day and you need your health to do the last month of the year's hustle. 

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